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Full of online videos, photos, information about wetlands, waterfowl, conservation and outdoor fun, Puddler is produced exclusively for Ducks Unlimited Greenwings.

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Greenwing Membership (17 and Younger)

Become a Greenwing member - Join Today

A contribution of $15 makes you a Greenwing member of Ducks Unlimited. As a DU Greenwing member, you can be proud to know that you are one of more than 60,000 young people who care about protecting wetlands across North America and love the outdoors. A greenwing membership is for children age 17 or younger and entitles the recipient to:

A DU membership card and certificate

Greenwing decals (age 11 and younger)

2 unique DU decals (one duck head and one DU shield for age 12-17 years)

4 issues of Puddler magazine (age 11 and younger)

6 issues of Ducks Unlimited magazine (age 12-17 years)

For younger greenwings a special website,  

For older greenwings access to the Members Only section of the Ducks Unlimited website,

Invitations to Union County Ducks Unlimited’s Greenwing events 


 As a Ducks Unlimited Greenwing, you're going to do something for wetlands and wildlife today and tomorrow. Today, your youthful outlook and energy will be part of the largest wetlands conservation organization in the world. Tomorrow, you'll be an involved adult who cares, helping us conserve North American wetlands habitat for all the tomorrows to come.

 Information on Wood Ducks Boxes


Photo courtesy of Ducks Unlimited

 Click here: Wood Duck Boxes

Click here: Spring Wood Duck Boxes - Ducks Unlimited Blogs

Click here: woodduck(1).pdf on

Note: The latest recommendation for duck nest bedding is to use wood shavings. Do NOT use sawdust, that may smother the ducklings

Click here:

Click here:

Click here: NPWRC :: Wood Duck

Click here: YouTube - How To Make A Wood Duck Nesting Box






logo sialis bluebird home

Many interesting facts and details including making bluebird boxes and nest and egg identification


Bugs and Insect Identification

logo whatsthatbug

Information and identification of the many bugs, beetles, spiders, moths, and flies we encounter outdoors


Plans For Owl Boxes, Bats, And Other Bird Species

logo Owl Box

Audubon: Screech Owl Box For Backyard

How To Build A Screech Owl House

Ohio ODNR How to Build a Screech Owl Box

Ohio ODNR Other Species Bird Houses



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