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Famous Nash Buckingham Gun, Bo Whoop, to Reside Permanently at Ducks Unlimited, Along with Bo Whoop II



NORTH CAROLINA - “It is unlawful to store or leave a firearm that can be discharged in a manner that a reasonable person should know is accessible to a minor.”

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New firearms insurance from Lockton Affinity

Through a new partnership with Lockton Affinity, every gun sold at a Ducks Unlimited event comes with a FREE 90-day insurance policy. Check your DU banquet kit for the insurance certificates that are to be given to each person who purchases or wins a firearm at a DU event. Also included in the banquet kit is a supply of cards that are to be attached to the trigger guard of every gun. The cards explain the FREE insurance policy and provide contact information for Lockton Affinity.

This program provides added value at no cost to the committee and generates additional revenue for Ducks Unlimited.

Thank you for your help in promoting this great new program! To learn more about the DU Insurance Program visit or call (888) 544-2076.


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Take Aim Training

Click here: More about Stony and Anne-Marie Rushing and WIXE Radio

Union County Ducks Unlimited is appreciative of the support of Stony and Anne-Marie Rushing with Take Aim Training for the use of their FFL license for the handling of the firearms for our chapter

Stony and Ann-Marie's mission is to bring affordable and practical firearms training to all ages. Concealed handgun permits, hunter safety, NRA courses, and general firearms safety are all taught by their instructors. Firearms sales are also a part of their services at the below location.

Firearms Sales Location at Long's Sporting Goods

510 Morgan Mill Road

Monroe, NC 28110

Call for information on firearms training




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Benelli - Simply Perfect

Beretta USA


Browning's Official Worldwide Web Site

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Cortona Shotguns

E. J. Churchill Gunmakers

Federal Ammunition

Federal Premium Ammunition


Franchi USA

Gun Digest

Marlin Firearms

Merkel: Firearms


Mossberg Guns

Mossberg Firearms


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The Parker Gun


logo remington

Remington - Home of America's Oldest Gunmaker


Sturm, Ruger & Co., Inc.

Savage Arms



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SKB Shotguns


Smith & Wesson


Stoeger Industries

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 TriStar Sporting Arms,  Ltd. 

2008 DU Gun of the Year


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