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No funds of Union County Ducks Unlimited are used for these Volunteer Meetings

These meetings are held to promote the interaction of our Volunteers in a relaxed setting, without the burdens of the workload associated with our planning sessions. We hope to make these events a fun occasion with the expectation that they will lead to an increase in the number of Volunteers, the increased success of our Chapter in future events, and the overall improvement of our contributions to Ducks Unlimited.

If you wish to attend these meetings and/or volunteer to assist Union County Ducks Unlimited in it programs, email us at info@ucdu.org We welcome all help and understand that everyone has a different level of participation, however your contributions will help and are appreciated.


Ducks Unlimited District Workshop Meeting at Bass Pro July 13, 2009

 Bass Pro Conference   DU Map CB

DU Presell  DU Volunteers

John Palko, Sam Cox, and Don Smith attended the district workshop at Bass Pro. We enjoyed a BBQ dinner, and listened to a DU presentation headed by North Carolina State Chairman Rodney Warren. This was a very informative meeting, and we will be sharing more of the details with the other Volunteers at our planning meeting, beginning in September.  Highlights include:

1.  Duck populations are up and nearly all species are above historical average populations. Some of the reasons include the CRP farmland that has been temporarily converted from framing to grasslands.  Recently, this was more than 5 million acres in the Dakotas. Also, Ducks Unlimited has been purchasing easements in the pothole regions that prevent the destruction of nesting grounds during critical nesting times. There are a significant number of farmers waiting to put their land into the easements, and as funds are available (such as from our local events), these easements will continue to be purchased.

For more information on CRP, see:

Click  here: Conservation Reserve Program  and


2. Again, a major emphasis has been placed on pre-selling tickets to our events. This makes for better planning and avoiding cost overruns. We are asking all Volunteers to create a list of 10 people to whom they can pre-sell tickets. We expect to maintain better cost control and increase attendance.  We are not yet ready to limit our events to Pre-sold tickets only.  However, there are events in North Carolina where no tickets are sold at the door.

3.  As referred to above, we need to maintain control over our expense/income ratio. We are not yet at the level that Ducks Unlimited would like for us to achieve, but we are close.  This will be addressed in our planning meetings.

4. We also picked up other ideas on operating more efficiently and managing the rush of people at check-in and check-out.


Volunteer Meeting Saturday, July 11, 2009 At Charlotte Rifle and Pistol Club

Union County Ducks Unlimited is pleased that Randy Blackley and Keith Gustin arranged with Charlotte Rifle and Pistol Club to have a social meeting and shooting event for our volunteers. We are appreciative of the courtesy and efforts of the Charlotte Rifle and Pistol Club in allowing us to hold this meeting at their facilities, and the use of skeet and trap facilities and the picnic area.

Randy and Keith grilled hotdogs and hamburgers, with the usual sides, and serve soft drinks and tea. Union County Ducks Unlimited is appreciative of the efforts of Randy and Keith in the planning and implementation of this project, and for underwriting the total expense.  


crpc sign  crpc clubhouse

grilling picnic

trap 2  Trap 1

trap 3  trap 4  trap 5

skeet 1 skeet 3

skeet 2  skeet 4



Volunteer Wild Game Luncheon, January 31, 2009

Quail and Duck on the Grill03  Duck on the Grill02

Lunch02  Duck Lunch

Our Volunteer Wild Game Luncheon was held on January 31 and a great meal  was hosted by John Edwards and Kevin Hicks.  Thanks to John and Kevin for taking on this project.  I understand they personally harvested much  of the game for this luncheon.  The best  of the menu was the wild duck prepared on the grill.  Personally, I have tried to eat a lot of duck  and goose, that frankly, were so ill prepared that they were not eatable.  Unfortunately, the not eatable category  includes some my Mom prepared  Well, she  did not have internet access to recipes either.  My stamp of approval is that this duck was the very best I have ever  eaten. If John and Kevin will give their recipes,  they will be posted on the website later. Also there have been requests for the catfish stew recipe.  In defense of my Mom, her catfish stew recipe is  still the best.... sorry John. .  Not to be overlooked was the marinated quail, and of course, all the  fixings and drinks for a wonderful wild game luncheon.  It is too bad so many of our volunteers  missed it.  Bad in the sense that so many missed out on a great  time. But a great time was had by those attending, and we had some new attendees and some progress  was made on behalf of Ducks Unlimited. However, not too, too bad, because the  rest of us took home a doggie bag of wild game.  Mine was delicious the second time around too. We hope to have another  outing sometime in July.  We appreciate the efforts of John and Kevin in hosting this luncheon and underwriting the total expense.  Note that this  is for Volunteers only, and that you can certainly volunteer to assist Ducks Unlimited and attend the next Volunteer Meeting. Email us at info@ucdu.org

Duck Recipe:  Here’s the unofficial recipe
Cut duck breast into 2 x 4 inch strips about a half inch thick
Fresh jalapeno peppers, cut in half lengthwise and seeds removed
Onion strips (not rings)
Cream cheese
Bacon and toothpicks to secure

Place duck strip on work surface. Add half a jalapeno, onion strips, 2 teaspoons cream cheese.  Wrap duck strip around these, then wrap 1 strip bacon around duck and secure with toothpick. Grill until duck is medium rare to medium.  Do not overcook. Enjoy, because they are delicious!

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